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Like a Block


Like a block

 Motor  Core  Shell

  I classified the elements of the robot hardware into three categories.I defined as MCSA the structure which had incorporated into this MCS the Accessory which were the auxiliary elements. These elements are called modules which are detachable. By merely combining them, all kinds Shellmo can be created with ease.


Only your favorite category

  By using MCSA structure, not only can you create with ease all kinds of Shellmo, you will also find it easier to develop new Shellmo.

 For example, if you want to change the outward appearance, there are Shell and Accessory.

 If you are interested in circuits, there is Core.

 If you wish to give the new walking mechanism a try, there is Motor. In such a way, you will be able to develop according to what you like.

 By combining the respective modules, the best Shellmo will come into being.



Face of Shellmo

  The most unique aspect of Shellmo is the fact that it has "Shell". Shell is the so called "face" , the most important element for determining the outward appearance.


With minimal expense

  Shell is one of the modules which can be removed simply like blocks, so by merely exchanging a Shell with another one, you will be able to change the outward appearance of Shellmo.



  It is possible to attach to Shell such accessories, as the eyes and the ears.

 Moreover, you can also attach all kinds of materials near you to Shell for decoration.

 Let me explain this later.


Shell "Zero"

"Shell" Help your Creation

Shell "Cambria"

Shellmo is

Pierce "OSHW"


Shellmo for everyone

  To enable a great many people to enjoy this, I decided to publish Shellmo it as an "open source". That is to say, anyone has the right to freely download the data of Shellmo, produce them, modify them and market them.

 The core of the source of Shellmo is chiefly 3D data. As a result of shortening the distance between the source and the actual object by 3D printer, the value of Shellmo as OSHW came to be manifested in its greatest limit.



  To define what Shellmo should be, I used the definition for OSHW. Moreover, I adapted the Creative Commons license(CC BY-SA 4.0) for the 3D data of Shellmo.



Made by Shapeways

Made by Replicator2

Shop on Shapeways (under construction now)

Mother of Shellmo

  If I were the father of Shellmo, then 3D printer would be the mother of Shellmo.

 Almost all the parts to form the "body" of Shellmo can be made by using 3D printer.

This is also a great characteristic of Shellmo.



Making Shellmo at home

  At the time being, the most infallible method for manufacturing the "body" of Shellmo is using such 3D printing service as Shapeways.

 However, I felt that this method alone would not be sufficient to enable more people to use Shellmo with ease.

 I am now engaged in the project to make Shellmo with a desktop 3D printer. By making it possible to make Shellmo at home, the speed of development will be improved substantially, thereby the cost of manufacturing the parts will be kept under 1/10 of the current cost. (Refer to the chart on the left.)





Mind of Shellmo

  I though about how I could enable Shellmo to have a "heart". Without hesitation, I decided to implement the heart shape as an Accessory, because I believed that, as a symbol of the heart, it could exert psychological effects on us. However, I felt that it would not be interesting to simply incorporate this heart shaped as a part, so I added a little idea.


The "heart" as an interface.

  A few years ago, when a doctor placed his stethoscope on my heart, the idea came to me to use the heart rate as the interface between the robot.    This idea has been implemented in the heart of Shellmo.

 When power is turned on Shellmo, the LED which has been built into the heart will flicker periodically. I represent this "heart rate". The period of the heart rate will change, depending on conditions. By grasping this change, we will be able to obtain information from Shellmo

Heart Lamp "Polygon"

Material Decoration

  "Material decoration" is the method to customize that is highly "analogous".

Please mount suitable materials that you find around you, using threads or wires as you think fit. You will be able to make a unique Shellmo simply, indeed a Shellmo that is one of a kind in the world.As to how to decorate with what, is all up to your aesthetic sense.



About decoration

  There are many living things in the natural world that can be Decorations. For example, there is the Decorator crab. Crabs conceal themselves, using such living organisms as sponges and sea anemones. It is possible that Shellmo, too, wants to have the sort of Decorations that will allow it to merge into its surrounding environment.



Dyeing Shellmo to my color

  When manufacturing the parts using Shapeways, there are a total of six colors from which you can choose, if the material of the parts is "Strong & Flexible Plastic". However, I was not satisfied with only those colors. I wanted to have the pleasure of using more colors, so I decided to search for a method with which I could dye the parts by myself. After a series of trials and errors, I discovered that I could skillfully dye them by using "DYLON Multi", a dye for garments.



Your own Shellmo

  You will create the Shellmo that you have envisioned. When you place an order(only for member now) for Shellmo, just as it is shown in the example in the chart above, choose the color that you like for each of the parts from the twelve colors and e-mail your choices as an attachment. This coloring work is called "coloring".  I will do the coloring for you free of charge now.


Color Map   Parts and regions







Android OS 4.0

Apps for Shellmo

Control from your phone

  Wanting to operate Shellmo with ease even when I am away from home, I developed the applications for the use of Android. The applications are simple which consists of communicating with Shellmo by means of Bluetooth. At the time being, Shellmo can be operated by Android and Windows.


Windows 7

EYE "Flog Eye"

Iris "Simple"


Being particular about the eyes

  At present, the eyes of Shellmo do not have the function to see However, I am interested in the psychological effects the robot's eyes could have on us. The reason why I am particular about its eyes is to avail myself of an experiment to prove their effects. What I have designed for this purpose is the FlogEye which is capable of manually shifting its gaze, moving its eyelids and even changing its pupils.


Kinetic eye system

  I believe that those of you who have seen the video, noticed that a special modification has been implemented on my Shellmo's FlogEye, enabling it to change its gaze and its blinking of its own accord. I would like to implement this function in a form that will be universally accessible sometime in the future.





Next Vision and Idea
I'm challenging these creations.

Hacking breadboard

 The objective of this ShellmoBoard is found in the making of the gadget which is a robot for manufacturing articles, one that has a high portability and versatility. In terms of computers, it is a laptop.

  Of course, while the circuit which includes a breadboard, is highly versatile , it has all kinds of weaknesses, when compared to the circuit that has been made into a substrate, but they present no problem to Shellmo's functioning as a robot with powerful elements for trial manufacturing.





Walking 3D printer

 If you are a 3Dprinter maker, please send me your printer. By hacking it a little, I will try to create the best ever advertisement, the sort that will stun people out of their wits. At first glance, "Shellmo Reproductor" is a walking 3D printer, but in reality, it is Shellmo that has incorporated a 3Dprinter as its part. Why is it necessary to make a 3Dprinter walk? The reason is that animals, including ourselves, are deeply linked to certain movements. Please try to imagine what they are yourselves.


Official 3D printer for Shellmo

 Let me digress. I believe that Shellmo is capable of achieving an assured status as the contents for having fun, using a 3Dprinter Let me offer you an example, based on the relationship between game software and game machine. We buy a game console, because we have some software we want to play with. Then, we buy new software, because we have a game console.The same chain reaction is bound to happen with Shellmo and 3Dprinter. When considering Shellmo's business development, the 3Dprinter that guarantees the making of Shellmo is extremely important.

However, there is no need for this 3Dprinter to walk.




Tiny creature on your hand

 Shellmo has become even cuter than before.

It's Shellmo Mini which is Shellmo in the size of your palm. You can expect a sharp reduction in its cost, because its volume ratio is less than one third that of the regular Shellmo.

 Moreover, not only is it small, it is also simple in that its circuit has been all lumped together. On the other hand, even though it is small,it is loaded with a breadboard, making customizing possible. In addition, it has a Shell that is large enough to amply cover all of these.


Shell with LEGO

 Ever since childhood, I have loved to play with lego. Urged by my greediness to play with the Shell "decorations" and Lego at the same time, I came up with this Shell. I can't wait to play with it!